Политзаключённый — мой друг. Бери и дружи уже сейчас!

How to be friends

By spreading information online, we resist. We fight propaganda by showing the truth. Sending a letter or posting information on social networks is not such a troublesome business, agree? :)

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    Choose a friend on the main page of the site and click «Add friend»

  • 2

    Select the proposed tasks and complete them. They are simple but very important.

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    Share the result - post it to your feed on social networks with one of the hashtags:#politzekmetag us on Instagram@politzek.me.

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    Confirm the completed task by clicking «complete task»‎ in your profile. And then look for your completed task on the page of your political prisoner friend!

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    Did everything, but want to continue? Look for additional tasks on the page «How to be friends»‎, do them and share the result!«propose your task»‎.

How will it help to post stories on your social media and show your colleague the site? Your friends will repost, and some of your friends' friends will read the story of the prisoners for the first time and want to write a letter. The sea is created from the drops.

Letters and other direct assistance to prisoners are powerful support for them. We read this in every reply letter from them.

Why choose and complete tasks on the site? Your results will be displayed on the prisoner's profile. This supports loved ones, gives interesting information (which is difficult to find, our heroes are ordinary people) and it will be clear who is being helped less.

Just befriend!

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Tasks of the week

Help your fellow countrymen!

Find fellow countrymen on the map on our website and help together with your neighbours: send a collective letter, parcel or money order. Let's help the whole world, and at the same time, the whole world will learn about political prisoners!

More Tasks

Send the parcel to the pre-trial detention facility

Cookies are always needed! But without brute force. Be sure to check whether the parcel is included in the list of transfers in a particular pre-trial detention center. The main thing here is not to harm!

Subscribe a friend to a newspaper!

In the information vacuum, the newspaper is a breath of air! Just check the counter of tasks in your friend's profile, in order not to overdo.

Drink tea or coffee with a political prisoner

Drink coffee and tea, post a photo, tag on Insta @politzek.me and your friend